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About Jamie Bebbington

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I am passionate about film and the art of storytelling through video and always knew that video editing was my goal. Through my education, where I focused on Editing and Post-Production at Ravensbourne University, and on to my career, I have spent years honing my craft as a video editor and am privileged to be able to work with some fantastic clients on groundbreaking films.

I believe in producing content that evokes an emotional reaction from its audience through masterful storytelling. It is always an honour to be involved in the final stages of a project in post-production – to see the result of all the efforts and talent that brought it to this closing stage and to then take it over that final hurdle brings great satisfaction. 

In my career, I strive to listen, understand and implement any brief that is given, so that I deliver final films that clients are beyond satisfied with.

I have also been a manager for post-production teams - pushing to develop the talent of all editors so that they can produce the same high standard and quality of work that will exceed any client's expectations. For this, I have adapted, implemented, and improved workflow guidelines to ensure that post-production work is nothing short of excellent and efficient.
I have been proud to lead extremely talented teams of editors to help elevate the stories told to a level our clients have never seen before.

TBD Davos 2020
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