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I am passionate about film and the art of storytelling through video and always knew that video editing was my goal. Through my education, where I focused on Editing and Post-Production at Ravensbourne University, and on to my career, I have spent years honing my craft as a video editor.  

Working alongside a wide variety of people and industries, I've come to understand how important it is to adapt to all sorts of ideas and approaches to storytelling, and in doing so I am able to provide exceptional video content to clients in utilising my creative flare and talent.

I believe in producing content that evokes an emotional reaction from its audience through masterful storytelling. It is always a privilege to be involved in the final stages of a project – to see the result of all the efforts that brought it to me and to then take it over the finishing line.

Currently employed at TBD Media Group as Senior Editor, I oversee all of the post-production work. For two years I have been adapting, implementing, and improving the workflow and guidelines of video editing within the company. I also act as a post-production advisor to other departments and clients.
I am proud to lead an extremely talented team of editors to help elevate the stories we tell to a level our clients have never seen before.

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