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I am passionate about film and the art of storytelling through video and always knew that video editing was my goal. Through my education, where I focused on Editing and Post-Production at Ravensbourne University, and on to my career as a video editor, I have spent years honing my craft in video production. 

Working alongside a wide variety of people and industries, I've come to understand how important it is to adapt to all sorts of ideas and requirements, using my flair and creativity to make any edit a masterpiece.

I believe in producing content that evokes an emotional reaction from its audience through masterful storytelling. It is always a privilege to be involved in the final stages of a project – to see the result of all the efforts that brought it to me and to then take it over the finishing line.

Currently employed at TBD Media Group as Senior Editor, I oversee all of the post-production work. For two years I have been adapting, implementing, and improving the workflow and guidelines of video editing within the company. I also act as a post-production advisor to other departments.
I am proud to lead an extremely talented team of editors to help elevate the stories we tell for our clients to a level that they have never seen before.

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